What Is The Best Age For Your Kid To Get Orthodontic Braces?

What is the Best Age for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces?

What Is The Best Age For Your Kid To Get Orthodontic Braces?

As your child grows, her dentist will help keep her pearly whites clean and healthy. But as baby teeth make way for a permanent set, you may find that your child needs an orthodontist, a specialized dentist who is trained to align and straighten teeth.

How can you tell if your child needs orthodontic care? It is recommended that all children get an orthodontic checkup no later than age 7. At that point, orthodontists can pick up on problems with the way the jaw is growing or the teeth are coming in — even if your child is still sporting some baby teeth.

An orthodontist can give you the lowdown on your child’s individual situation but, according to the AAO, these are some red flags that a child may be a candidate for orthodontic care:

  • Premature or delayed loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb sucking
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked-out teeth
  • Jaws that are too far forward or back
  • Biting the cheek or biting the roof of the mouth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Upper and lower teeth that don’t meet, or meet in an abnormal way
  • An unbalanced facial appearance, such as when, say, the lower jaw is abnormally large or small and appears out of proportion to the rest of the face
  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth

What is the Best Age for Your Child to Get Orthodontic Braces

Children should get orthodontic braces when they are seven years old. However, the condition of a child’s teeth can also influence how early the appliance will be needed.
In most cases, treatments for braces can begin after a child loses every tooth and grows new teeth. Usually, permanent teeth grow in when a kid is around eight to fourteen years old.
Most orthodontists take an interceptive approach. This means that they use various orthodontic appliances instead of braces during the early stages. Then, after the patient has every permanent tooth, the orthodontist will begin the next treatment phase, which will involve the use of braces. If a child receives treatments at an early age, the second treatment phase will be somewhat shorter.

Orthodontists who prefer the interceptive approach believe that it is a more affordable option. They also think that the treatment in phase one makes procedures easier during the second phase.


What is Future Treatment Details?

Although braces are helpful, they will not correct an overbite if a child is under 10 years old. The big issue is that new teeth will continue to grow along the lower jaw. Children who have buck teethcan have them corrected with braces when they are around 12 years old.

What Advice do you have for Parents?

You should schedule an appointment for a free consultation if your child has:

  • Late or early tooth loss
  • Misplaced or crowded teeth
  • Problems biting or chewing

What are Issues That Influence the Need for Braces?

Many orthodontic issues are inherited. However, finger-sucking, improper nutrition, and tooth decay can cause dental problems too.

Pediatric Dentist Near Me – Understanding the Options

Although there are many dental appliances, all braces are designed to straighten teeth. They can also fix a misaligned bite because the appliance applies pressure, which moves the jaw and teeth into the desired direction. At a typical orthodontic clinic, your child can choose:

  • Stainless steel braces
  • Plastic braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisible braces

If a patient only has a small dental issue, the orthodontist will recommend invisible trays. This appliance is made of a clear material that fits nicely over the teeth because every tray has a custom made shape to fit your tooth line.

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