Guided Implant Surgery

Guided Implant Surgery

Computer Guided Implant Surgery Gurgaon

Lets talk about Flapless or Computer Guided Implant Surgery. Accurate placement of Implant prosthetic is as important as the implant itself  and the surgery. A properly placed implant means better and faster healing, lesser chance of failure and lesser loss of blood during the surgery.

Above are the reasons why we at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, Gurgaon use surgical guides for accurate implant placement. There are many reasons why dentists are not using dental implant surgical guides for each case. The case is ‘easy enough’, time, cost, cumbersome software, lack of expensive imaging equipment, lack of training – the list goes on and on.

However, are there benefits from having each implant surgery being a guided surgery? Yes there are and the top three benefits of guided implant surgery are

1. Guided Implant Surgery gives a consistently accurate method of placing dental implants

If takes little extra time and also a bit of cost per guide to ensure consistency and accuracy for each implant case but it provides sure shot results. What we do : We plan a case with  a digital scan of the patient’s teeth. Once imported into the software, the software then aids dentists in mathematically calculating the restorative trajectory for the implant based on the position of the adjacent teeth and your prosthodontists’ pre-set preferences for implant placement.

It takes around 10 minutes to plan the case in  software, and then the system prints out the implant guide. Should any alterations need to be made, they can be completed at the center in a matter of minutes and a new guide can be fabricated.

2. Guided Implant Surgery promotes optimal implant placement

When it comes to placing implants, we never consider any case as ‘easy enough’. Often when reviewing free-hand cases after the fact, it’s discovered that the drilling angle is slightly different than what it appeared to be during the surgery, or that the trajectory should have been moved over a few millimeters in one direction to provide better spacing between the adjacent teeth. Using an implant guide system for every surgery makes wiser choice, and results in predictable patient care, which is what we are known for.

3. Guided Implant Surgery increases our team and patient’s confidence

When it comes to dental implant surgery, the our team needs to be accurate and confident in their ability to locate the perfect restorative trajectory and place the implant, which is why we have surgical guides.

This also means that patients are able to have complete confidence in our team because they are not only performing guided surgery, but the dentist was able to confirm the placement of the implant prior to drilling.

To learn more why Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics is leader in Guided Implant Surgery, visit any of our center in Sector 51, Golf course Road or Sector 109, Gurgaon or Call us at +91 9871631066.

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