Dental Treatment Cost

Dental Treatment Cost Gurgaon

Dental Treatment Cost Gurgaon

Dental Treatment Charges & Fees in Indian Rupees  (for cost in US Dollars)

Dental Implants Cost
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Dental Crown Cost
Dentures Cost
Dental Braces Cost
Clear Aligners Cost
Invisalign Cost


General Dental Procedure Cost

Consultation, x-ray & dental cleaning
Consultation Fees (for registered patients)Rs 0/-
Registration Fees (Valid for a Year)Rs 400/-
X-RayRs 200/-
Dental Cleaning Charges (Scaling)Rs 1800/-

If you do not wish to register and wish to pay consultation fees instead. It is charged at Rs 800/- for consultation with Senior Consultant (MDS qualified) & Rs 500/- with a Consultant (BDS qualified)

Offers (June 2022)


1st June – 3oth June
RCT + Crown Combination PackageCombo Package
Dental Implant PackageSpl Armed Forces Discount 20% off (Army, Airforce & Navy) – Personnel & Family
Branded Braces10% FLAT off
Dental Cavity Fillings
CoronoplastyRs 400/-
Fillings Cermet (Grey)/GIC (White)S- Rs 1000/-  |M- Rs 1200 | L- Rs 1400
Fillings (Composite Tooth Colored Esthetic)S- Rs 1200/-  |M- Rs 1400 | L- Rs 1600
Indirect or Direct Pulp Capping (IPC)Rs 3500/-
Inlay /Onlay per tooth (metal/composite)Rs 4500/-
Inlay/Onlay per tooth (ceramic or zirconia)Rs 10000/-

               Ask reception for discount on multiple fillings – 3 or more,

Broken/Cracked/Failed RCT treatment
Root Canal Treatment – Hand (Multiple visits)NOT AVAILABLE due to COVID PANDEMIC
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)  – Rotary Machine Rs 5500/-
Failed RCT/ Re RCT Rs 7500/-
Post & Core – Fiber Post Rs 3800/-
Post & Core – Cast Post Rs 4500/-

Root Canal + Cap Combo package

Cap Cost

Cosmetic Dentistry
Zoom/Pola Teeth Whitening SystemRs 10000/-
Zoom/Pola advanced Whitening (2 Cycles)Rs 14000/-
Dental Jewelry (Skyce Crystal) Per CrystalRs 3000/-
Composite BondingRs 2500/- on wards
Cosmetic ContouringRs 800/- on wards
Composite Veneers (in clinic in 1 Hour)Rs 4500/- on wards
Composite Veneers (lab fabricated)Rs 8000/-
Branded Ceramic Veneers – IPS E-Max (Brand)Rs 12000/-
Gum Treatment & Surgery
Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing (02 Sittings)Rs 2200/-
Crown Lengthening (Surgical Blade)Rs 1500/-
Laser Gum ContouringRs 10000 to Rs 25000/-
Diode Laser FrenectomyRs 6000/- on wards
Laser De-pigmentationRs 10000 to Rs 25000/-
Deep Cleaning & Scaling (Curettage) – Full MouthRs 8000/- to Rs 18000/-
Gum Surgery (Per Quad)Rs 8000/-
Oral Surgery, Sinus lift, Tooth Extraction
Extraction (Mobile to firm)Rs 1250/- to Rs 2700/-
Impaction / Wisdom Tooth RemovalRs 4500/- to  Rs 10000/-
BiopsyRs 4000/-
ApicoectomyRs 9000/-
Sinuslift Surgery (Direct) Per SideRs 28000/-
Kids dentistry (up to 12 years)

Following are charges when consulted with a Peadiatric Dentist (Pedodontist)

Scaling & PolishingRs 1500/-
FillingRs 1000/- on wards
ExtractionRs 1100/- to Rs 1500/-
PulpotomyRs 3800/-
Pulpectomy/Root Canal TreatmentRs 4900/-
CrownRs 4000/-
Fluoride ApplicationRs 3500/-


TMJ Disorder Treatment
Soft Night Guard/ Bite GuardsRs 8000/-
Anti  Snoring Device (OSA)Rs 9500/-
Sports Guard (transparent or colored)Rs 8000/-
Orthotic/ TMJ splint Appliance for TMJ pain and clickingRs 8000/-

Dental Treatment Cost Gurgaon Updated on  1st June 2022

Finance/Loan Facility Available at 0% Interest Rate



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