Denture Cost

Dentures Cost in Gurgaon

Everyone want the best dentures in their possible budget.  It is seen that the many prosthodontist (dentist with specialization in crowns, bridges & dentures)  more often than not is not able to give them choices. Here are the options available with Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics. There are primarily two aspects which determine the cost of the dentures : Material Used and Lab where it is made. Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics in it's quest to maintain complete transparency offers all the information to patient upfront about dentures cost in Gurgaon.

For Implant Fixed Dentures Cost please see implant over-dentures cost on implants cost page. (these dentures remain stable because they are fixed with implants under them)

DL : Domestic Lab

IL :  International Quality Lab

Partial Dentures Cost in Gurgaon (Per Jaw)

Economy - Removable Partial Metal Clasp Acrylic Dentures

  • Acrylic dentures with Acry-Rock teeth, Good chewing efficiency
  • Dentcare acrylic dentures with Acry-Plus teeth, Excellent chewing efficiency and Superior esthetics

Removable Denture Cost in Gurgaon

 AcryRock Teeth

 Rs 9500/- (DL)

 Rs 11000/- (IL)

 AcryRock Plus Teeth

 Rs 10500/- (DL)

 Rs 12500/- (IL)

Superior- Removable Partial Gum colored Clasp Acrylic Flexible Dentures

  • Flexible dentures made of unbreakable nylon resin to provide superior function and less damage to teeth
  • Dentcare Valplast: No metal clasp, Good esthetics, Comfort, Strength and Durability
  • Biodentaplast: Tooth colored clasp- available in 5 different tooth shades.

Flexible Partial Denture Cost Gurgaon

Bio Dentaplast Denture Cost


 Rs 12000/- (DL)

 Rs 13500/- (IL)


 Rs 15000/- (IL)

Premium  -  Removable Cast Partial Metal Clasp Acrylic Dentures

  • Chrome- Cobalt Partial Dentures: Cast Partial Denture made from Co-Cr Alloy: High strength,Cost effective, Longevity, Free from nickel, Transmits hot and cold sensation
  • Titanium Cast Partial Dentures: Also have Perfect  Fit, Unbreakable (Strong alloy), Most Bio-compatible, Light weight (Comfortable fit), Longevity

Removable Cast Partial Metal Clasp Denture Cost

Cobalt Chrome

Rs 14000/- (DL)

Rs 16000/- (IL)


Rs 24000/- (IL)

Ultra Premium- Removable Cast Partial Metal Free PEEK Acrylic Dentures

  • PEEK: Digitally designed to match Natural teeth and gums, Strong, lightweight &Metal free,
  • Neutral taste (no metal taste)
  • No thermal or electrical conductivity
  • No irritation, redness or burning sensation for the user
  • No residual solvent, Healthy gums, Inconspicuous colour of the framework
  • Pure material- No additives are used
  • High comfort of wear due to low weight enabling wearing of removable dentures for a longer time without any problems

PEEK Dentures Cost

 PEEK (Single Jaw)

 Rs 50,000/ (DL)

 PEEK (Both Jaws)

 Rs 85,000/- (IL)

Complete Dentures Cost in Gurgaon

Economy - Complete Dentures Upper and Lower Full Set

  • Acrylic dentures with Acry-Rock teeth, Good chewing efficiency and Esthetics



Cheapest Dentures Cost in Gurgaon

 AcryRock Teeth

 Rs 16000/- (DL)

AcryRock Teeth

 Rs 17000/- (IL)

Superior- Complete Dentures Upper and Lower Full Set

  • Acrylic dentures with Acry-Plus teeth
  • Excellent chewing efficiency
  • Superior esthetics, and Less staining or Wear of teeth.

Complete Dentures Cost in Gurgaon

AcryPlus - DL

Rs 16800/-

AcryPlus - IL

Rs 17800/-

Premium- Complete Dentures Upper and Lower Full Set

  • Acrylic dentures with Ivoclar teeth
  • Chewing efficiency like Near Natural Teeth
  • Highly esthetic with natural texture
  • Hue, color and translucency like natural teeth
  • Minimal staining and war of teeth.

ivoclar premium dentures

 Ivoclar Teeth (DL)

Rs 18000/-

 Ivoclar Teeth (IL)

Rs 20000/-

Ultra Premium- Complete Dentures Upper and Lower Full Set

  • Characterized Custom Dentures: Made per your gum color, skin color, hair color, eye color. These are customized for you by using different characteristic stains, patterns, simulation for age changes that no one will even come to know if they are your natural teeth or dentures.
  • Biofunctional Prosthetic System(BPS) Dentures: High quality standards, unique Ivoclar natural like teeth that recreates your lost smile.
  • Analysis on your Gums, Lips, Cheeks, Past photographs will be done by qualified BPS Certified experts. Dentist will work with the data for the fabrication of distinctive BPS dentures for you.‘Top of the Line’ precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking & laughing.

Characterized dentures Cost

Denture Cost

Characterized Custom Dentures

Rs 25000/- (DL)

Rs 27000/- (IL)

BPS Dentures

Rs 35000/- (IL)

Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics is the best clinic in Gurgaon for dentures. Get a denture for your missing teeth today. To book an appointment with the best dentist for dentures in Gurgaon call +91 9871631066 or book appointment online Sector 51. or DLF Phase 1/Golf Course Road.



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