Can I get Dental Implants?

Are you a candidate for dental implants?
Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Most people can receive dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth.The ideal candidate for a dental implant is a non-smoker who has adequate amount and good quality of bone present in the jaw needed to support the implant with good oral and overall general health.

You should have healthy gums and surrounding tissues that are free of decay, wear, gum disease, swelling or any other condition that can lead to failure of implants. Even if you are having any of these issues, you should not worry because implants would be placed only after these problems are well taken care of.

Dental implant placement is an interdisciplinary procedure in which best results can be achieved with the help of dental surgeon, gum specialists and replacement specialists ie. Prosthodontists. Not only do Prosthodontists have experience working with other dental professionals, they also have the special knowledge & training about where the artificial tooth would lie and look best in your mouth as you are not going to chew with your implant but with your tooth. It’s the tooth over the implant which would be visible to you so the correct position of your artificial tooth is more crucial than the position of implant. The whole team will work together to make your dreams of having teeth that look and feel just like your own come true.

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