All on 4 Implants in India


 All on Four or All on 4  Implants in India : All on 4 Implants as the name suggests is proprietary concept introduced by leader in dental implant Nobel Biocare. Its a unique concept where dental implant patients who do not have any teeth or patients who have only 2 or 3 natural teeth can get full set  of 12 or 14 teeth in jaw.

Does that mean to get 14 teeth in each jaw one needs implant for each teeth and for a full mouth of implant, it will need 28 implant, the answer is No. All on 4 is the answer to this situation.

How Does All on 4 Implants in India Work?

Four implants are placed in each jaw or the jaw where one has to give jaw full of teeth. Two implants in front and implants at the back are placed at an angulation.

All on 4 Implants in India

All on 4 Implants in India



These two back  of jaw angled implant cover maximum surface area thru the jaw and can bear weight of a lot of teeth. A metallic arch is fixed of the implants on which teeth crowns are mounted.

How many teeth I will get with all on 4 Implants in India?

No. of crowns or teeth that you can get depends entirely on space available on your mouth. We strive to give our patients maximum teeth which is 14 at a lower level you will get 12 teeth in each jaw.

Are All on 4 Implants in India similar to implant over-dentures?

No All on 4 implants in India is entirely different concept. These are permanent fixtures for life, they are non removable. They are near natural solution to teeth. Implant over-dentures are regular dentures which are secured to implants placed in the jaw using a snap on button kind of arrangement.

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Is All on 4 Implants in India a popular solution?

It is hugely popular in western world where as in India it is picking up. As average life expectancy goes up people want a natural solution to teeth rather than using dentures, which are more like a stop gap arrangement just for chewing food.

Every year Dr. Jyoti at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics multiple All-on-4 surgeries. Currently international patients from US, UK and Australia are more in number but its picking up rapidly in India.

Is All on 4 Implants in India a costly solution?

We would rather say that the convenience, all on 4 implants in India offers, offsets the overall cost. It changes patient life entirely, it’s like getting your OWN natural teeth back rather than dentures which feel foreign even if you wear them continuously.

What Brands of Implants are used for All on 4 Implant System?

Although All on 4 Implant concept was pioneered by Nobel Biocare, Dr. Jyoti at Center for Dnetal Implants & Esthetics uses any brand of dental implants if condition of the patient’s jaw bone allows. In past she has used CWM and Osstem implants also to be All on 4 Implants system. It is advisable to use active implants.

What is cost of All on 4 Implants in India?

Cost of all on 4 implants in India depends entirely on the brand of dental implants used. For details visit cost of dental implants in Gurgaon.

What are some of the benefits of All on 4 implants in India?


  All On Four® treatment concept provides edentulous (with no natural teeth) and soon-to-be edentulous                patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on four implants on the day of surgery. This quickly leads to improved     patient satisfaction – with regards to function, esthetics, sense, speech, and self-esteem.

    Two key elements significantly reduce treatment complexity, the number of surgeries, and the overall treatment time: tilting of the posterior implants avoids the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures, while immediate loading shortens time to teeth.

All On Four® treatment concept is not only the least time-consuming treatment option, but also the least costly in comparison with conventional implant treatment modalities of the edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous jaw.


By tilting the two back implants, longer implants can be  used. This increases bone-to-implant contact and avoids vertical bone augmentation. In addition, the tilted implants can be anchored in better quality anterior bone, reduce cantilevers and help avoid important anatomical structures.


Who is the Implantologist for All on Implants since its is complex surgery?

At Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics – Dr Jyoti is the All on 4 Implants expert with over 6000 implants in 11 years at an impressive 99.9 % success rate, she has mastered this concepts. She is especially favoured for Noble Biocare All on 4 Implants.

Not only a trained Implantologist, she is also a masters degree holder (MDS) in prosthodontics ( crowns), which helps her manage and maintain the right angulation of the implant, so that final teeth position is accurate and offers natural function of speech and chewing to placed teeth. She is one of the few Implantologist in India who can do this complex surgery.


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