Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Clear Aligners or Invisible Aligners cost in Gurgaon depends on number of aligners needed to bring your teeth in alignment. Number of aligners or trays also determine total time it will take for the treatment. You are given custom made aligners as per your jaw,  every  aligner is to worn 21 hours each day for 7 or 10 days and then you move to next aligner, till we reach end of the treatment. Treatment time may prolong by couple of weeks for various reasons like not wearing the aligners for required number of hours.

Clear Aligners work on the same principle as dental braces, apply pressure on teeth slowly to bring them in alignment – just that they are more comfortable and easy to use and not noticeable, especially in case of adults looking to straighten there teeth without braces.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

  • No social concern of wearing braces- discreet treatment, hidden and transparent
  • No wires or brackets breaking of hurting
  • No restriction eating anything – eat whatever you want
  • Reduced number of visits to the Orthodontist, have your aligners and keep changing them as per plan
  • Take off your aligners when you are eating, playing or swimming, attending an important meeting or in a social gathering

Any orthodontic treatment must be done by a qualified orthodontist, in India usually holds an MDS (Orthontics) degree after a BDS. Any damage done by unwanted teeth movement by unqualified dentist may cause irreparable damage or may require surgical correction in extreme cases. At Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, you will always get a qualified Orthodontist to manage your smile correction journey.

Clear Aligner Corrections Example

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

clear aligner cost

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Total Cost    =   Set Up Cost  +  (Aligner Cost   x  No. of Aligners needed)

An estimate of number of aligners can be given by the Clear Aligners Orthodontist even by looking at pictures, but to determine exact numbers of aligners needed for complete correction a digital oral scan is needed, basis which a treatment plan is made. Check the above pictures to get an idea on number of aligners your treatment may need.

None of the treatment below is offered at home, because you need a qualified doctor to monitor your treatment. Although number of visits are reduced in comparison to braces, but taking out doctor’s supervision or monitoring only remotely, just to save cost is not how we treat our patients.

Aligner SystemAboutSet Up CostAligner Cost

Toothsi Aligners


Pioneers in at home aligners now in association with Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, offered at our clinics. Same quality, same comfort, but now with doctor’s supervision and assurance

Manufactured at : Mumbai

                                                       FREE SCAN FOR REGISTERED PATIENTS

Toothsi Easy
Rs 50000/- onwards
Toothsi Prime      Rs 70000/- onwards

 SmileClear Aligners

Made in India aligners designed by the best Orthodontist in India. Provision for attachments, which ensure accurate and fast movement

Manufactured at  : Mumbai



  Rs 18000/- Rs 2800/-

 SmileClear Aligners (Soft)

Ultra soft aligners easy to wear, Doesn’t hurt the gums, perfect fit, Imported flexible material. Faster results.

Manufactured at : Mumbai


Rs 20000/ Rs 3300/-

 32 Watts Aligners

32 watt aligners cost

Delhi based meditech startup, High grade BPA free aligners. DuPont USA supplied. Collaboration with AIIMS Delhi

Manufactured at : New Delhi

Rs 20000/-Rs 3500/-
 Flash Aligners Flash Aligners Cost

French Ador group promoted company. High-Tech, digital manufacturing for perfect fit. 6000+ successful smiles

Manufactured at : Pune

Rs 25000/-Rs 4000/-
 K Line (Germany) K Line Aligners Cost

4D patented technology printed, German aligners. Years of experience in aligner technology.

Manufactured in : Germany


Rs 25000/-Rs 4200/-
 Clear Correct (USA) Clear Correct Aligners Cost

From the stable of Straumann, the giant in dental implant industry. Most accurate aligners, backed by technology.

Manufactured at  : Texas (USA)


Rs 25000/- Rs 4400/-

 Invisalign (USA)

Best Invisalign Dentist in Gurgaon

Promoted by Align Tech, company which invented & started clear aligners revolution in Orthodontic treatment. Considered the GOLD STANDARD in aligners. Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics is invisalign authorized provider.

Please visit invisalign specific website click here


To know approximate cost and treatment time for you, send us your pics on whatsapp at +919871631066

If you are looking for regular wired braces cost click here

EMI Offer for Clear Aligners

Please visit for 0% EMI offer at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics

Our Clear Aligners Price are transparent and published just like all the other dental treatment cost is published. We regularly come out with exciting offer on clear aligners. Watch out for offers on treatment cost page.

Clear Aligners Review

Clear aligners are great solution for adults, I am 27 years old and had gap between the teeth not only in the front but on the sides also. When I tried to find the solution, everyone suggested braces, I never wanted braces, clear aligners are a better choice for people in my age group. I can freely wear them throughout the day without anyone actaully noticing them.

Manish Rajput, Sector 56, Gurgaon


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