Braces Cost in Gurgaon

Braces Cost in Gurgaon

Dental Braces Cost in Gurgaon: Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics believes in using only high quality products for it dental braces treatment. We use  high quality and branded material from authorized suppliers only. We encourage our patients to inquire about authenticity proof of the products that we use at any of our centers.

Braces Cost in Gurgaon
Braces Cost in Gurgaon

Braces Cost in Gurgaon

For braces we either use 3M or Ormco (Damon), we do not use china made components since they can do irreversible damage. Here you will find cost for Damon Braces, 3M braces cost and Ormco braces  in Gurgaon. Metal Braces Price in Gurgaon, Best Ceramic Braces in Gurgaon, Self Ligating Braces in Gurgaon.

EMI at 0% Available for Dental Braces Treatment 

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Metal Braces

Basic braces which works for everyone, traditional braces, sourced from the 02 best companies in the world, which ensures quality.

 3M Metal Braces (USA)Rs 42000/-
 Forestadent Metal Braces (Germany)Rs 42000/-
 Ormco Metal Braces (Australia)Rs 42000/-
 3M Victory (small sized bracket)Rs 44000/-
 Ormco Mini Diamond (small sized bracket)Rs 44000/-
Metal Self-Ligating Braces

Advanced metal braces with built in ligation (tightening) mechanism. Puts even pressure on teeth to gradually bring them in alignment. Less painful, 15% faster treatment time than traditional braces. State of the art product.

 Ormco-Damon 3MXRs 50000/-
 3M Smart-clipRs 50000/-
Ceramic Braces Pearly white brackets which merge with your teeth, significantly less noticeable than metal braces. Attracts less plaque thru the treatment. No after stains post treatment.  Ormco Inspire IceRs 62000/-
 3M Clarity AdvanceRs 62000/-
Ceramic  Self-Ligating Braces Self tightening & discreet, that’s the hallmark of these braces. Advanced ceramic material, less prone to breakage. Smooth surface attracts less plaque. Reduced treatment time upto 20%, offers more control to orthodontist. 3M Clarity SL  Rs 72000/-
 Ormco-Damon clear 2Rs 72000/-
Lingual Braces Behind the teeth braces, hidden, not seen like the front braces. Although not all types of braces treatment can be done using these, but an effective solution for adult braces.  Non – CustomizedRs 80000/- onwards
 Customized 3M Incognito BracesRs 210000/-
Retainers cost per jaw Post treatment: Your Orthodontist may suggest to use retainers to keep your aligned teeth in position and not fall back to earlier misalignment.  Fixed lingual (Behind Teeth)Rs 2000/-
 Removable RetainersRs 3000/-
 Retainer cum Retraction PlateRs 5000/-


Additional Orthodontic Interventions
Temporary Anchorage Device – Micro Implants UnbrandedRs 2500/-
 Brand – Fav AnchorRs 3500/-
Jaw Correction

  • Birth Defects,
  • Protruding Jaw
  • Receding Lower Jaw & Chin
 Orthognathic Surgeries

Maxillary Osteotomy, Mandibular Osteotomy, Genioplasty, Bite Plate

As per the case
Appliances Removable

Expansion Plate, Inclined Plan, Oral Screen, Bite Plate

Rs 15000/-

Twin Block, Headgears, Facemask, Frankel’s Appliance

Rs 20000/-
Fixed Functional

Bite Jumping Appliance, Distalization Appliance

Rs 15000/-

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Invisible Braces or Clear Braces or Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon 

Invisalign Cost

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