Wisdom Tooth Pain : Cause, Cure & Treatment Cost

Wisdom Tooth Pain : Cause, Cure & Treatment Cost Wisdom Tooth Pain is experienced by nearly everyone, Let’s see what causes and how to cure. Did you know that wisdom teeth are actually not needed? Much like an appendix, these third molars are superfluous, and some people don‚Äôt even develop them. Because of this, and because they often lead to problems over time, it is common to remove them before they can cause trouble. These third molars are usually located in the back of the mouth with two on the upper arch and two on the lower arch. Wisdom teeth […]

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Root Canal Therapy and Dental Crown

Why it is must to get a Crown After Root Canal Therapy ¬† Root Canal Therapy :¬† Once you get a tooth root treated, you need to reinforce and fortify your treated tooth with a dental crown. Root Canal Therapy (RCT) usually weakens the tooth and requires a permanent dental restoration to remain strong. In a very cases patient may not need a crown depending on the tooth position and overall structure, there just fillings can work. RESTORATION of A FRAGILE TOOTH A tooth usually becomes fragile after a root canal therapy¬†as dentist has to drill right through the tooth […]

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Kids Dentist Gurgaon : Everything Parents Need to Know about Teeth

Everything Parents Need to Know about Teeth Teeth are a lot of fun to learn about, and understanding teeth can help children enjoy going to the pediatric dentist!¬†Did you know that teeth are composed of four primary layers?¬†Each layer plays a pivotal role in supporting a strong smile and a healthy mouth.¬†Try reading this article with your child, and teaching them about the four fun layers of the teeth! Enamel¬† Enamel is the outer most layer of the tooth that protects teeth from the elements that cause cavities. It is the hardest surface in the human body and the first […]

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Wisdom Tooth Extraction : Sometimes referred to simply as the third molars, wisdom teeth typically erupt in young adults between the ages of¬†17 and 21. These wisdom teeth are as important as other teeth, they can be susceptible to a variety of problems associated with their¬†eruption. Most notable problem with wisdom tooth development is that there is sometimes limited room remaining in the mouth needed to accommodate molars. For example, when erupting teeth are crowded they can come in sideways or only partially. In addition, they can become trapped underneath the gums thereby becoming impacted. Wisdom Tooth […]

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5 Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth

Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth Removable Partial Denture It can be very embarrassing when missing front teeth. A¬†removable partial denture, which is worn during the day, can replace one or many missing teeth.¬† Sometimes a partial denture may need metal clasps to help it stay in the mouth.¬† Unfortunately, these metal clasps may be visible when speaking or smiling.¬† Another disadvantage of a removable partial denture is that they can move a little when speaking or eating, which can be uncomfortable.¬† We recommend taking them out at night and soaking them in a cleaning solution.¬† With a partial denture […]

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Missing Tooth – Don’t Ignore – Read Why?

Tooth loss is often caused by tooth decay or trauma. Although it can be corrected with restorative options like¬†dental implants,¬†bridges¬†and¬†dentures, a large number of people forego treatment and simply live with the loss. (The¬†American College of Prosthodontists¬†estimates that 120 million people are missing at least one tooth.) If you don‚Äôt want to spend a lot of money the¬†cost of dental implants¬†or other restorations may be enough to dissuade you from replacing a missing tooth. Especially if it‚Äôs a molar hidden out of sight of your smile line. The reality is that not replacing one or more lost tooth could be […]

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What is Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning?

Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Dental Scaling/ Cleaning is a process to remove the plaque(Soft food deposits) and tartar(hardened calcified food deposits) from the tooth surfaces¬† used in prevention & non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, or gum disease. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is a more advanced method of dental cleaning than hand scaling (done by hand instruments). It is obviously less time consuming, more safer and¬† efficient way of removing deposits from teeth. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is done at the Center for dental Implants & esthetics with an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler, to remove plaque & tartar buildup from teeth. Tartar buildup […]

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Diabetic Dental Care Tips

Are you a diabetic? If yes the read on. Here are a few diabetic dental care tips to maintain good dental care. Diabetes and high blood sugar level poses challenge for maintaining effective dental health. Controlling your blood glucose is the most important step you can take to prevent tooth and gum problems. People with diabetes, especially those whose blood glucose levels are poorly controlled, are more likely to get gum infections than non-diabetics. Once a severe gum infection progresses in a person with diabetes, it takes longer to heal. This uncontrolled diabetes typically shows multiple periodontal abscesses (swelling with […]

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Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women Many expectant mothers are extremely cautious when preparing to have a baby. They already have so much to think about during pregnancy, how to eat healthy, how to remain stress free, how to ensure growth of your baby, etc. However, one area that definitely shouldn‚Äôt go unnoticed is your oral health.¬† Brush twice and floss once¬†everyday: If you‚Äôre already brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste and cleaning between your teeth once a day, keep up the good work! ¬†If not, there‚Äôs no better time to start, as poor habits during pregnancy have […]

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