Dental Braces are the traditional & the most effective way to get a beautiful smile

Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics has been restoring smiles in Delhi NCR for over 6 years

Types of Braces

As per Material

Metal Braces

Metal Braces Cost in India

Made up of metal either nickel titanium alloy or stainless steel. They are of high strength, pose no harm to body, since they remain in mouth for long.

Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics recommends good quality metal.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces Cost in India

Made up of ceramic called polycrystalline alumina. They are either transparent or tooth colored. Accumulate lesser plaque and easy on gums.

We recommend branded ceramic so that its doesn't break or offer friction to arch wire.

As per Locking Mechanism

Self Ligating

Ceramic Braces Cost in Gurugram

Self ligating brackets (both metal & ceramic) have in-built ligation, instead of external ligation (rubber bands). This provides uniform pressure till a long period unlike rubber bands. Results in faster & precise treatment.

Since no changing is required in every visit, appointments are usually shorter & comfortable

Regular (Non Self Ligating)

Metal Braces Cost in Gurugram

There is no in-built ligating (tightening) mechanism in the brackets. Arch Wire is fastened to the bracket with rubber bands (ligature wires).

These rubber bands can be colored or transparent. It looses its grip and are replaced when the arch wire is replaced during monthly review.

Braces Cost

Un-Branded Braces

Metal Braces Cost in Gurgaon

Metal Braces
(no brand)

Metal Braces chosen by in-house Orthodontist. Although without a brand, highly effective.

Rs 34990/-

Branded Braces

Having spent years in Orthodontics, we rely on 02 brands. 3M and Ormco Damon world leaders in orthodontics. Brands give you assurance of quality & result.

1. Braces remain in mouth for long period, material used should be bio-compatible
2. High strength, so nothing breaks and hurts the patient

3m metal braces cost

Metal Braces

3M or Ormco Damon metal braces -World's top brands, for guaranteed results.

Rs 44990/-

Self ligating braces cost

Metal Braces
(Self Ligating)

Metal self ligating braces, work 15% faster than regular braces. Accurate & faster than regular braces.

Rs 54990/-

Damon Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

3M(Clarity Advance) & Ormco Damon (Inspire Ice) ceramic braces, highly esthetic, lesser plaque accumulation. Easy on gums - high comfort.

Rs 64990/-

Ceramic Braces Cost

Ceramic Braces
(Self Ligating)

Ceramic self ligating braces, 18 % faster than regular braces. High strength, faster & accurate results. Highest esthetics.

Rs 74990/-

Payment Plans

No Cost EMI Plan

40% at the time of booking

60% in 4 equal monthly instalments i.e. 15% each month

10% Discount Plan

- 8% discount on advance payment at the start of the treatment.
- Additional 2% discount if paid thru UPI

Know your Orthodontists

Dr Ankita Sawant Sheoran
(MDS - Ortho)

Trained at Pravara Dental, Dr Ankita has been Orthodontist of choice for Mumbaikars for 9 years & now for past 5 years she is in Gurugram.

Orthodontist in Gurgaon

💓 Firm believer in extraction less treatment esp. in younger individuals
💓 Mastered wired orthodontics and moved to wireless clear aligners in 2016
💓 Invisalign Certified, worked with Invisalign US for case planning
💓 Special interest - using TAD, Button, Ortho Appliances for jaw correction along with braces

Dr Gayatri Ganesh
(MDS - Ortho)

MDS (Ortho) from prestigious Maulana Azad Dental - Delhi, Dr Gayatri is a gold medalist and has been practicing in Delhi NCR for 8+ years now.

Best Orthodontist in Gurugram

💓Certified Invisalign Provider
💓Self ligating braces Specialist
💓Wide & deep experience gained at Government College
💓Special interest Skeletal Correction, Cleft Palate and Jaw Growth


Why Patients Love Us

  • For predictable results : use original branded braces - Ormco Damon (Australia) & 3M (USA)
  • Maintain Efficiency : avoid tooth extraction, use alternative techniques
  • Fast & Accurate treatment : use orthodontic appliances & TADs

The Sooner The Better

Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics

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We are a group of premier dental implant centers in Gurugram. Every year we conduct hundreds of dental implant surgeries and bring smiles on faces of patients, who visit us from world over. We are proud to be the most ethical dental practice around. Our belief in honest and transparent interactions with patients has made us leading dental clinic in Delhi Region. We had a humble beginning in the year 2016 and now we serve patients from 5 locations across Delhi NCR.

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