Loved Being a Dental Tourist -5 Extractions 9 Implants from India

Dental Clinic India Review Following is review by our patient Richard, he posted this on a dental tourism portal. It is being replicated with his permission. Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics and Dr. Joe would like to thank him for his kind words.   5 Extractions 9 Implants in all.  I wanted to see … Read more

Single Visit RCT – Why should you opt for it?

What is Full Form of RCT? Full Form of RCT is “ROOT CANAL TREATMENT” What are different types of RCT? There are primarily 02 types of RCT, this type is mainly based on tools used for doing RCT Earlier when there were no machines for tooth canal treatment, hand files were used to clean the … Read more

Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

pregnancy gingivitis

Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women Many expectant mothers are extremely cautious when preparing to have a baby. They already have so much to think about during pregnancy, how to eat healthy, how to remain stress free, how to ensure growth of your baby, etc. However, one area that … Read more

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