Dr Yukti Narang Pedodontist

Dr Yukti Narang (MDS)

Dentist for Children

Dr. Yukti is one of the best Pediatric Dentist in Gurgaon (Pedodontist). She has over 8 years of experience dealing with kids and young adults.  Her clinical specialization includes in pulpectomy/pulpotomy, stainless steel/ zirconia crowns, space maintainers, restorations, extractions and preventive
procedures like preventive resin restorations, fluoride application and sealants.
Her Specializations:
 Pulpectomy
 Pulpotomy
 Stainless Steel Crown
 Zirconia Crown
 Space Maintainer
 Extraction
 Sealants
 Fluoride Application
 Apexification/ Apexogenesis
 Preventive Orthodontics

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