Root Canal Treatment : Myths & Reality

Root Canal Treatment : Myths & Reality Below we have eight of the most common misconceptions we see about root canal treatment. How many have you fallen for? Myth #1: Root Canal Treatment is Painful Actually, we offer a totally pain-free root canal treatment. The pain you’re thinking of is caused by the infection in your tooth. Pus and bacteria are irritating the nerves of your tooth, which are housed inside what’s called the pulp. An infected pulp often means a painful tooth. A root canal treatment at Gurgaon Center for dental implants & esthetics will relieve your pain, not […]

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Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics is operating with limited staff but we are back from emergency only mode to regular mode. Appointments can be booked online/phone/chat/whatsapp

Patients are advised to

  1. Consult online/on-phone first : Many dental issues may not need immediate visit or can be managed with medicines. We offer free of charge online consultation.
  2. Patient should ensure that they are free from any other kind of ailment, we may request you for a certificate of good health from a general physician.
  3. Inside the clinic only the patient will be allowed and accompanying person must stay out. (Minor can be accompanied with 1 adult)
  4. If you have flu, cold or fever or if you are from a containment area please do NOT visit the clinic.
  5. All appointment must be confirmed first because before and after a patient visit operating area is sanitized. You can not simply walk in at will
  6. All payments must be made online NO Cash will be accepted.
  7. Patient are required to fill COVID-19 declaration form
  8. Doctors use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for self as well as patient's protection, during the CoVID 19 phase additional charges of PPE are applicable.


For consultation or appointments call/WhatsApp+91 9871631066