Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Clear Aligners or Invisible Aligners cost in Gurgaon depends on number of aligners, which governs amount of time to bring the teeth in alignment. Treatment time may prolong by couple of weeks for various reasons like not wearing the aligners for required number of hours.

Unlike Invisalign which is manufactured in the USA, these aligners are manufactured at all German plant of Dentcare Dental Lab in Kerala. They use the same BPA free material and gradually these have become popular as adult braces in India.

Any orthodontic treatment must be done by a qualified orthodontist, usually holds an MDS (Orthontics) degree. Any damage done by unwanted teeth movement by unqualified dentist may cause irreparable damage or may lead to surgical correction. At Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, you will always get a qualified Orthodontist.

Clear Aligner Corrections Example

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

clear aligner cost

Clear Aligners Cost in Gurgaon

Aligner System# of Aligners Approximate TimePrice (per jaw)
DentCare Clear Aligners Clear Aligner Cost in Gurgaonup to 84 MonthsRs 35,000/-
9-126 MonthsRs 45,000/-
13-168 MonthsRs 55,000/-
17-2010 MonthsRs 65,000/-
21-241 YearRs 75,000/-

If more than 24 aligners are required additional aligners cost Rs 3000 per clear aligner

Aligner SystemModel Name# of AlignersPrice (per jaw)
Flash Clear AlignersFlash Invisible AlignerFlash 1010Rs 50,000/-
Flash 2020Rs 65,000/-
Flash 3030Rs 80,000/-
Flash MaxUnlimitedRs 125,000/-

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EMI Offer for Clear Aligners

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Our Clear Aligners Price are transparent and published just like all the other dental treatment cost is published. We regularly come out with exciting offer on clear aligners. Watch out for offers on treatment cost page.

Clear Aligners Review

Clear aligners are great solution for adults, I am 27 years old and had gap between the teeth not only in the front but on the sides also. When I tried to find the solution, everyone suggested braces, I never wanted braces, clear aligners are a better choice for people in my age group. I can freely wear them throughout the day without anyone actaully noticing them.

Manish Rajput, Sector 56, Gurgaon


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